Bleaching Creams

Bleaching creams are very dangerous.They are much used by girls in Africa to whiten their skin.Listen to what one of the students, Eman , what she decided to do and how she came up with this good interviews!

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University of Sciences and Technology-Khartoum

This a work by my students in Computer Sciences College about their university. What makes it good is that, they took pictures using their mobiles, uploaded them into the computer and then used Windows Movie Maker to produce the project.

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Hello to Students from Tagananet!

Hello students and welcome back!
This semester we will be using this blog as part of a project called sister Classes! It involves students who like you, who study English in different parts of the world and who will be sharing their class projects here.

Thank you teacher Larry Ferlazzo for inviting us! We will start posting our projects soon here.

In the mean time, we will start exploring other students’ projects from different parts of the world and add comments to them.

Good Luck!

Teacher Hala :-)

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